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Think LeBron wants to beat that team? Now he's chasing ''the ghost'' of arguably the greatest player in NBA. To say that LeBron James's Finals triumph this year, with his Cavaliers rallying to dethrone the Warriors, helped his legacy would be a huge understatement. This year's NBA finals was one of the most watched in history and lived up to the hype, even without a few key players.

Jordan went an undefeated 6/6 in NBA Finals series. Only moments after Toronto eliminated Miami to qualify for the Eastern Conference Finals, their best player might have stirred LeBron James' motivation for that upcoming series. LeBron James, in particular, will take advantage of this, especially if Kevin Love's play warrants Andrew Bogut ineffective.

And when I am in the gym, I'm not going to stop when the first sign of lactic acid comes in and I get that fatigue - because that's a limitation of what I am capable of. That ten reps? I wasn't good enough to here have any sort of professional career, but never expected the lessons I learned through years of this game would help me long after I was done competing.

Both guys can bury the Cavs very early in this series but it will be up to Tyronn Lue to devise a strategy to impede Golden State's perimeter attack to some degree. With free agency looming, the last thing the Heat need to do is revisit anything to do with how LeBron left.

Now, having won a championship with the Cavs, LeBron finally opened up on his secret motivation to ESPN's Dave McMenamin and Brian Windhorst after Game 7. James revealed that the motivation stemmed from some unsupportive words from people within the Miami Heat organization..

The Heat beat the Celtics in both years, and James won his first title with the Heat in 2012. For example, after their discouraging loss in Game One to the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, the Chicago Cubs were listed before Game Two at the same -110 odds to potentially win the Series within one week!

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